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Our Team

The team of "Media-Model" Research Center consists of company administrative staff and professional teams divided by activity directions.

Company's administrative staff is managing all directions of company activity.

The research-analytical group (RG) is involved in social and marketing research implementation and management activities.  The RG is equipped with core mechanisms of planning, organizing and implementing research and analytical activities which allow gathering, analyzing and if needed publication of high-quality and verified social and marketing data that fits all professional requirements.

The team leaders of research projects are young specialists known in the field of Sociology in Armenia, possessing high academic degree, 5 of whom are Candidates of Sciences/PhDs.

Research fieldwork coordination is conducted by RG key 5 field-coordinators, who already have more than 8 year experience of fieldwork coordination and at least 10 year work experience in research participation.

Interviewers' team consists of 30 young members that are mainly sociologists. The Interviewers network is being renewed on timely basis. Systematic trainings are being conducted with them; and before each research project specific on-demand trainings are being implemented.

Resettlement and acquisition team consists of social development specialists and lawyers. Currently the team is comprised of 8 members. They are involved in various resettlement and land/assets acquisition projects implemented in Armenia. The team activity covers the whole chain of procedures related to the resettlement and land acquisition programs, beginning from the work with affected people, document review, and settlement of administrative and law-oriented issues to elaboration of acquisition contracts, implementation of state Cadaster deals, assistance in any issues arising during resettlement process, etc.

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