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Our History

2001 "Media-Model" Research and Analytical Center was established. It is already more than 22 years that "Media-Model" is involved in delivering high-quality consuctancy and research-analytical services not only to state, political and private institutions, but also to public, local and international organizations.

2001 "Media-Model" company established "VARKANISH"(trans. 'rating') research and analytical group that became the leading team in research and analytical activities.

2001-2003 "Media-Model" Research Center published "Varkanish" informative-analytical periodical journal. The most important feature of "Varkanish" was that all materials and articles were published based on the results of conducted sociological researches and surveys.

2002–2003 "Media-Model" broadcasted an analytical TV program ''Varkanish'' that went on the air on Armenia TV channel for nearly 2 years.

From 2003 "Media-Model" started active involvement in regional cooperation joint research initiatives. Together with the partners, our Center conducted a joint trilateral research project aimed at revealing the optimization of the agricultural products exchange in South Caucasus in the framework of which market research tools were used for the first time. This initiative gave an opportunity for further speciaisation also in the area of market research implementation.

From 2004 the team focused its activity mostly on professional research. The Research Group (RG) being involved in different areas of research activity achieved the reputation of a reliable partner and a leading research team of young professionals. As a result, "Media-Model" started collaboration with many partner-organizations.

2006-2008 For “Media-Model” these years became a period of rapid growth and conquering new achievements. 5 leading specialists of the RG were awarded by academic degrees and positions, particularly in Sociology and Economy, and were invited to teach at Armenian leading academic institutions.

2008-2011 "Media-Model" launched organization of trainings in particular directions, mostly devoted to the topics of public relations and communication technologies, analytical and research skills development, as well as project elaboration and management.

From 2011 Becoming more focused and specialized, the company activity was oriented to research services in the sphere of monitoring and evaluation, which brought new trends and quality to company strategic planning.  

From 2012 Media-Model launched projects in resettlement, land/assets acquisition and related areas. Resettlement and Acquisition Projects implemented by Media-Model team, comprised of social development specialists and lawyers, are unique for Armenia in the sense of scale and scope of work.

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