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Our Services

"Media-Model" is mostly involved in delivering high-quality consultancy and analytical/research services not only to state, political and private organizations, but also to public, local and international organizations.

We give our partners an opportunity to gain a realistic evaluation of strong and weak aspects of their activity and by so to organize their future activity more efficiently, besides that we obtain reliable data, quantitative indicators and assessments for the aims and tasks defined by the clients. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods and mixed methodologies, the research team is implementing participatory, evaluation, monitoring, investigative, marketing and other public opinion-based studies. A multi-level data quality control model is utilized. The analytical reports are prepared with involvement of experts and professional specialists in the field of study, as well as partnership collaboration tips are being used, hence we are creating both academic and policy/action-oriented findings and practical solutions.


Our services cover also various activities in the field of resettlement and acquisition. On behalf of our team of social development specialists and lawyers we are providing the whole scope of planning and implementation activities within the frame of various resettlement, land/assets acquisition projects and work with affected people or other units and assets.



& Analysis

During its research and analytical activities "Media-Model" company has developed a model of implementing high-quality social researches both by means of qualitative and quantitative methods on the whole territory of RA, which allows gathering required data in operative manner with contingency planning and fitting all technical requirements.

Our partners have an opportunity to gain a realistic evaluation of strong and weak sides of their activities.

These services are delivered with the help of traditional social methods that have been successfully adapted and fitted into our reality, so that it becomes possible to collect data minimally influenced by local factors (socio-economical, demographic, cultural, moral and psychological). In this way, it becomes possible to raise the reliability of data collected, at the same time keeping the margin of standard error within scientifically appropriate and statistically strong validation limits.

By cooperating with "Media-Model", our partners can receive both full package and partial package of research services based on the client’s demands.

Full package of research activities consists of:

  1. Design of research methodology (including definitions of research goals and objectives, defining baseline indicators, etc.),

  2. Design and elaboration of research sample strategy (quantitative and qualitative samples),

  3. Developing and pre-testing of research instruments (standardized questionnaires, semi-structured, expert and in-depth interviews guides, FGD guidelines, content-analysis templates, etc.),

  4. Collecting the primary data (fieldwork implementation: targeting the respondents and other study units, sample implementation and verification),

  5. Data coding, entering  and processing (closing up open ended questions, developing code-books, decoding of audiovisual materials of qualitative interviews, etc.; creating and processing of Data Bases by MS Excel, MS Access, SPSS packages),

  6. Developing technical reports,

  7. Analyzing research data and submitting suggestions.

Partial package of research activities includes one or several options of research activities described above in accordance with client’s requirements.

Hence, collaboration with us enhances our partners to:

  • Avoid unreasonable costs,

  • Realistically assess their risks,

  • Find new markets for realization of their ideas/products/services,

  • Find the shortest way of delivering their ideas/products/services to the customers,

  • Develop appropriate strategic planning.

Resettlement & Lands 


"Media-Model" specialized team comprised of social development specialists and lawyers is providing services in resettlement, land acquisition and other related fields. In this field we are providing the whole scope of services in the frame of resettlement and assets acquisition programs covering both planning and implementation of the work with affected people and asset units in accordance with the A law on "Alienation of the private property for public and state needs", RA Government’s Decrees on recognition of Eminent Domain or other decisions made on the basis of required documents and objectives for resettlement and acquisition procedures.
We are proposing both full and partial packages of services related to resettlement and acquisition processes or their specific stages.
The proposed services include (but are not limited to) the following activities: official informing of affected people, preparation of description protocols for affected assets, signing the protocols, negotiations, preparation of compensation contracts and deals, document review, assistance and settlement of juridical and administrative issues, organization of acquisition, organization of compensation and resettlement, implementation of Cadaster deals, preparation of court plaintiffs, court deals, etc.

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