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Our Center is always looking forward to mutually productive collaboration with new partners, as well as recruiting its team with new professionals who are willing to gain experience and improve our performance.

With Organisations

"Media-Model" Research Center offers corporate partnership with local and international organizations based on the following key principles:

  • Partnership relations,

  • Partners’ participation opportunities on all stages of research projects,

  • The transparency of activity organization,

  • Presentation of required documents,

  • Securing confidentiality,

  • Representing Clients interests.

We are cooperating with all our clients in strict accordance with above-mentioned principles, emphasizing the pre-condition of perceiving the Client as a Partner.

All our consultancy and research procedures are mainly transparent; research project leaders are open for delivering consultancy whenever needed even if the research projects are already finished. Our Research Center offers wide variety of consultancy, sociological and marketing researches implementation opportunities either in full or partial packages of research activities.

With Individuals

"Media-Model" Research Center has interviewers network consisting of 30 people, which is renewed on systematic basis. Being recruited into the network the interviewers receive a chance to develop:

  • Professional skills,

  • Analytical skills and qualities,

  • Communication skills,

  • Individual and wihin-team work skills,

  • Individual and professional experiences.

Our Research Center is continuously interested in cooperation with young professionals and students studying at higher educational institutions, as well as specialists from other fields who are interested in researches. By sending us your CV, your contact information will appear in our recruitment Data Base.

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